Sales Outsourcing Solutions

 We can manage complete projects from strategy to execution, providing an enthusiastic sales force prepared to  deliver results and maximise your revenues.

Gain a committed team for your brand that will commendably study your brand, target audience, products and services ensuring we are genuine and engaging whenever we represent you.

We pay close attention and adapt to your company policies and procedures to project the right image of your company whilst working on your behalf.

HR Outsourcing Solutions

Pixiu also offers à la carte HR services for clients with special requirements, including those who:

  • Are expanding into Europe
  • Are restructuring European divisions
  • Need practical support to help them operate in local European markets

No matter what your needs, from large-scale HR projects and change-management to more routine tasks such as managing staff redundancies, payrolls or benefits programs, our dedicated HR consultants can customize a program that is right for you.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Did you know that 80 percent of European B2B buyers do their research online? We can help you increase your visibility with these audiences.

By developing a digital marketing strategy tailored to Europe, we enable you to gain a foothold in the European market. We are the experts in Europe, you are the expert in your business. Together we will achieve success. We are convinced that digital marketing is a crucial investment needed to get a foothold in an increasingly complex sales landscape. That’s what we believe in.

Our Specialties

Business Development in Europe

When talented individuals have a good idea and the adequate attitude, we are here to help. PIXIU’s management have significantly contributed to the establishment of over 100 companies in the last 10 years alone. From scratch, starting with a pen and a blank page.

We essentially provide growth planning, structuring and along with internal and external resources to develop and/or support your growth. Management teams tend to select us for our experience and contribution toward the international shaping and development of an existing profitable business.

With our strong operational experience we leverage our relevant knowledge, network and processes to actively back your business.

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